Virtual Tour of NASA Goddard Space Center and Missions

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NASA has some great resources for educators and students and this is another great one.

NASA's Goddard Space Center is in Maryland and they design, manage, and control a variety of experiments and space missions. I got to visit it and get a tour in my senior year of college when I presented my senior theses. NASA had funded it. It was a great experience with some really interesting things to see and learn about.

They have a great Virtual Tour of Goddard set up that goes through the entire life cycle of a mission from idea, to design, to construction, to testing, to launch to operations and finally the analysis of the data collected.

This is a great way to get students excited and interested in STEM subjects as well as introducing them to the engineering design process and science experiment process.

I've covered a lot of NASA Resources. Click on this link and you'll be taken to all of the articles about NASA.

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