Differentiation - tools, tips and resources

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Differentiation is an important aspect of education. Students learn differently, have different needs, different backgrounds, different skills, different ability levels, different interests and more. As educators, we try to create engaging lesson activities that provide a variety of learning experiences and allow students to demonstrate their learning in different ways.

Differentiation should occur in bothhow students learn and gain knowledge and skills, and in how theydemonstrate and are assessed on what they have learned.  

“In the practice ofeducation, differentiation is defined as working to address theabilities, interests, and needs (both perceived and real) ofindividuals. Differentiation provides students withopportunities to approach curriculum from their strengths, as variedas these might be.” (Sondergeld and Schultz, 2008).  

Here are some resources, tips, and tools on differentiation:

Digital Differentiation - ideas and tools for differentiating with digital resources

Tools for Differentiation - helping teachers meet the needs of all learners

Differentiating with Web 2.0 Technologies

Great LiveBinder on Differentiation for High Ability Users


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