How do I find the time to write all these blog posts?

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 A question I get asked a lot is "how do I find the time to write all these blog posts?". To which I answer "I have no idea". Actually, I usually write a few during my free period and lunch at school, and then a couple after school or in the evening, and then a bunch over the weekend. Then I schedule them to post at different dates and times to spread them out.

For example, I wrote this article yesterday after school after getting asked the question, yet again, and scheduled it to post on Tuesday at 10am.

I sometimes write when my students are taking a test or at different times when I'm waiting for something else or in a waiting room, or sitting on the couch watching TV. I can also write them on my Android smart phone using the Blogger app.

It's something I love doing, so I find the time to do it. There are days that I won't write anything, and other days where I find the time and motivation to write 10 or more posts and then schedule them to go out later.

As a blogger, you post as often as you want and have time to. There is no requirement.

What about other bloggers out there. How do you find the time to write?